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Vehicle emissions database

City of Albuquerque Information Technology Services Division Data Management

The City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department Vehicle Pollution Management Program manages the vehicle emissions program for Bernalillo County. The program includes an emissions database that records every emissions test from all analyzers in the program. The emissions testing program is required in Bernalillo County on every vehicle subject to the program in order to register with MVD.

Dataset Technical Description

A complete technical description is contained in New Mexico-2004 Emissions Inspection System (EIS) Specifications updated 03/19/2004 published by Air Care NM.

Dataset Assumptions

No assumptions are implied. The data base was created in accordance with New Mexico-2004 Emissions Inspection System (EIS) Specifications and modified with any change in regulations approved by the Air Quality Control Board.

Who Produced the Dataset?

Vehicle Pollution Management Division of the Environmental Health Department produced the data off of 160+ emissions analyzers.

Who Manages the Data?

Vehicle Pollution Management Division of the Environmental Health Department is responsible for the data that is provided by Worldwide Environmental Products Inc. The data originated off of the 160+ BAR-97 emissions inspections system analyzers and is managed by Worldwide Environmental Products Inc. and downloaded to the EHD SQL server nightly where it is maintained by the COA ITSD department and managed by VPMD.

Why was the Dataset Created?

This database is required by Environmental Protection, Albuquerque – Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board, Title 20, Chapter 11, part 100,

How was the Dataset Created?

The dataset is stored in emissions analyzers which is then uploaded to a World Wide Environmental Products Vehicle Information Database. This data is then downloaded to the City of Albuquerque server. The general path of the data migration is: This dataset was created using an application called IBM Cognos using data from the Emissions Inspection System (EIS). ITSD Data Management Core Metadata Requirements Page 8 06/13/201406/09/2014 Version 0.3

What Similar or Related Data Should the User be Aware of?


How reliable are the Data?

Since data is entered by emissions inspectors, data entry errors will be present.

How Well Have the Observations Been Checked?

Refer to Title 20, Chapter 11, Part 100, D. Performing quality assurance audits as required by NMAC, assessing the level of compliance of each air care station or air care inspector by using onsite audits and by monitoring the information provided by the VID. Are there Legal Restrictions on the Access or Use of the Data? There is no personal information of vehicle owners present in the data.

Legal Disclaimer

The City's standard copyright, disclaimers and legal statements may be found at The City data policy governing may be found at

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