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Food Establishment Grades

Update Frequency: Once every 15 Days

This data-set contains the name of each establishment, their location and grade. Each food service establishment issued a City of Milwaukee Food Dealer Licence will receive a Milwaukee Sanitation Grade. In 2018, the posting of the Sanitation Grade placard will be voluntary, and become mandatory in 2019.

Milwaukee's Sanitation Grading System assigns a letter grade to the point value earned during an establishment's routine annual inspection. Because good sanitation and health practices need to be practiced every day, the final letter grade will be a weighted average of several inspections to reflect how well a restaurant has performed over time, not just on a single inspection.

At the annual routine inspection, a food service establishment's point total will result in a letter grade score following the below criteria:

A = 100%-79%

B = 78%- 60%

C = Below 60%

T = Temporarily Closed, Less than 60% or imminent health hazard. The establishment will re-open after all priority violations have been corrected and the imminent health hazard is eliminated.

The letter "M" is placed in front of a grade to indicate a mobile food establishment.

The final letter grade assigned to a food service establishment will be a weighted average of the previous three inspections. In 2018, the first year of the Sanitation Grading System, the initial routine inspection will be 100% of the grade. In the following years, the final letter grade will be the weighted average of the most recent inspection and the previous year's.

2018: Initial routine inspection for 2018 will be 100% the letter grade 2019: Initial routine inspection for 2019 will account for 50% of the final grade, with 50% from the previous 2018 inspection 2020: In the third year, the most recent inspection will be worth 50% of the letter grade, 35% of the grade will be from the previous year's routine inspection, and 15% from the year before

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