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Delinquent Real Estate Tax Accounts

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The data is sorted by tax account number by levy year. This allows multiple, delinquent levy year tax accounts for a single parcel to be listed contiguously. The full payment amount due on a delinquent real estate tax account will always include accrued tax interest and penalty charges, but may also include accrued judgment interest where a judgment has been taken. You may access the Current Tax Balance – Tax Search on our Web Site, or call the Customer Services Division at 414-286-2240 for the current full payment amount due.

70.03 Definition of real property. (1) In chs. 70 to 76, 78,and 79, “real property,” “real estate,” and “land” include not only the land itself but all buildings and improvements thereon, and all fixtures and rights and privileges appertaining thereto, except as provided in sub. (2) and except that for the purpose of time−share property, as defined in s. 707.02 (32), real property does not include recurrent exclusive use and occupancy on a periodic basis or other rights, including, but not limited to, membership rights, vacation services, and club memberships. (2) “Real property” and “real estate” do not include any permit or license required to place, operate, or maintain at a specific location one or more articles of personal property described under s. 70.04 (3) or any value associated with the permit or license.

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